Proof of Concepts

Data reFactory specialises in low risk Proof of Concepts (POCs) to help where a problem exists without enough information to move into solution mode.

One of our most common POCs is around data consumption, storage and delivery; where you know you have significant data volumes, but you’re concerned with how a final solution could work.

lightbulb idea paper

Elastic Search

Few firms are capable enough at Elasticsearch to list it as a stand-alone capability. At Data reFactory we’re proud of our ability and confident in our delivery, while taking great pride in being entrusted and endorsed by Elasticsearch to be guest speakers at their Meetups.

We have proven results in taking data sets in the billions of records to then return search results in the sub-second time frame. This skill set is often coupled with our Big Data and Data Ingestion at volume capability.

Project Recovery

Data reFactory consultants have a proven track record in Project Recovery, where a project which is failing to meet existing time frames or delivery milestones.

Our methods are simple:

project recovery
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